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New Chair Offers Words of Encouragement to Business and Calls for Open-mindedness, Flexibility and Collaboration as we Tackle Economic Woes

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St. John’s, NL, February 16, 2021 – This past Friday, the St. John’s Board of Trade hosted the 51st, albeit first virtual, Annual General Meeting (AGM) followed by the Inauguration of new Board Chair, Justin Ladha, CEO of KMK Capital Inc.   
In keeping with long-standing tradition, St. John’s Mayor, Danny Breen, conducted the swearing in portion of the event. Typically, the Inauguration is a significant in-person celebration that the outgoing and incoming Board of Directors as well as hundreds of members attend. It provides an opportunity for the new Board Chair to address the membership and the business community as well as highlight the upcoming priorities and goals of the Board of Trade.
Due to the ongoing public health restrictions, Ladha is sharing his message to the business community a little differently than his predecessors. Ladha’s message can be found here. While he shares in the frustration of the recent situation, he feels it is important to know that we are not back to square one.

“Our health experts know far more about COVID-19 and how to combat it today. They have had time to prepare for a setback like the one we are experiencing, and their response has been prompt and firm. Thank you.” said Ladha.

He also commends the progress and pace that businesses within our community learned to navigate COVID-19 and serve their customers in new and necessary ways while also keeping them and their employees safe. While he empathizes that it isn’t easy, he reminds business owners and leaders in our community that we overcame this once before and we will do it again.
Ladha reiterated the St. John’s Board of Trade’s position of needing to work with all levels of government to address the financial situation that the province is facing. “We all must come together to address the challenge,” said Ladha. “Our political leaders at all levels and across all parties must come together to play a productive role in our province’s recovery. Flexibility and open-mindedness from everyone will be required.”
To hear Ladha’s full inauguration address, visit

About the St. John’s Board of Trade:
The St. John's Board of Trade is Newfoundland and Labrador's business advocate. We are a community of more than 720 members, combining the collective power of industries, sectors, and diverse perspectives. Together, we are a developing a thriving business community in St. John's.
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