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1620 Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 1620)

1620 Electrical Workers (IBEW Local 1620)

Labor Relations

About Us

1620 Electrical Workers (IBEW) has proudly represented the interests of local utility workers since 1949. Our membership consists of Powerline Technicians (PLTs), various construction trades workers and other vital support personnel. 1620 members are capable, professional, and highly skilled.

At 1620 Electrical Workers, we know that our members are extremely dedicated to excellence which leads to the utmost in quality and workmanship. This is why our Union doesn’t just stand for them, we stand by them!

We are a project-ready organization with a proven track record in delivering quality work on time and on budget. Through collaborative approaches and solid relationships with stakeholders and employers, we deliver results, create value, and ensure quality.

1620 values community and our ability to support important causes for our members. Our organization supports various local community groups and initiatives. We are your friends and neighbors. And that matters to us.

At 1620 Electrical Workers, we put OUR ENERGY into our commitment to excellence, reliability, and quality in all that we do.

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