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COVID-19 Support Update | January 2022

COVID-19 Support Update | January 2022

COVID-19 Support Update | January 2022

Employer Vaccination Clinics

Eastern Health is looking to partner with public sector and private sector employers in the distribution of booster shots in response to the latest wave of COVID-19. These would be vaccine clinics for the company's employees with vaccine that can be provided by Eastern Health.
Eastern Health is looking for businesses who have capacity and the interest to be involved. A few key points to note:
  • This call is for employers who either have appropriate in-house staff to administer vaccine or who wish to contract a private service provider to do so (Eastern Health will put a contract in place with the service providers). 
  • Eastern Health will supply the vaccine, PPE, and other supplies but will not reimburse service providers. 
  • The vaccine that is being made available is the Moderna. This means that only individuals aged 30 or over would be able to receive a vaccine at an employer clinic. 
  • As per public health guidelines, individuals must be a minimum of 22 weeks past their second dose to be eligible for the booster.
For those interested in learning more, documentation can provided that gives an overview of logistics and requirements for running a clinic. Please contact Dr. Farah McCrate at for more information.

COVID-19 Support Programs

On December 22, the Federal Government announced expanded eligibility for key support programs to help sustain workers and businesses through new and necessary public health restrictions.
Local Lockdown Program
This program has been expanded to include employers subject to capacity-limiting restrictions of 50% or more; and to reduce the current-month revenue decline threshold requirement to 25%. Eligible employers will receive wage and rent subsidies from 25% up to a maximum of 75%, depending on their degree of revenue loss. The 12-month revenue decline test continues to not be required to access this support. Apply here.
Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit
If you have had to reduce employee hours, or cancel shifts altogether, you can suggest your staff apply for the Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit (CWLB). This benefit provides $300 a week in income support to eligible workers who are directly affected by a COVID-19-related public health lockdown, and who have lost 50% or more of their income as a result. The support is available through the wage and rent subsidy programs. Apply here.
For more information:
  • The full story is available in the news release here
  • A list of Federal Support Programs is available here
  • A list of Provincial supports is available here

Please Note: the information in this post was written on January 5, 2022 and may not be current on the date you're reading it. For the most up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit: 

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