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BIG benefits for SMALL business | Healthcare Edition

BIG benefits for SMALL business | Healthcare Edition

BIG benefits for SMALL business | Healthcare Edition

The SJBOT’s Savings Programs consider the biggest expenses for businesses and provide members with an opportunity to save on them. We are excited to offer two amazing programs focused on health and wellbeing. 
To kick off small business week, Amanda Eid, Manager of Communications and Engagement with the SJBOT, is talking about her experience using our BIG benefits for SMALL business in the healthcare category.

The past few years have been tough on all of us – with a global pandemic, constant change, financial pressures, and more – workplaces are feeling different and, oftentimes, strained due to employee challenges with mental and physical health.

Plus, with issues finding a family doctor in NL and financial pressures preventing outreach to counsellors, therapists, and other health practitioners, many aren’t getting the help they need.

We have heard from our members that employee health and wellbeing is becoming more and more important. And it’s not just our members; studies show that health services do not only improve employees’ health, productivity, and morale, but they are also helpful in hiring and retaining top talent. In addition, the inability to access medical care is a leading cause of employee absenteeism. [1]
As an employee of the Board of Trade, I am thankful to have access to some of the awesome programs we offer our members, and I am excited to share information about our benefits in the healthcare category and my own experience using them to kick off small business week!
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan


The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance plan is Canada’s #1 Group Insurance plan for small business. It provides affordable and flexible health and dental coverage to over 30,000 businesses across Canada. It’s fully pooled, so premiums stay manageable and predictable. There are even retiree plans.  Plus, features like a Teledoc and Arive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) extend coverage beyond the usual claims.
With Teledoc, your employees can book a video call with a licensed doctor any time of day, seven days a week. Telemedicine services provide the quickest route to diagnosis – and if necessary, the doctor can even send a prescription to the pharmacy nearest you.

With the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), your employees can access help to deal with situations affecting their mental and emotional health.


I am one of the 125,000+ people in Newfoundland and Labrador who don't have a family doctor [2] so, I know firsthand how helpful services like Teledoc are when you’re not feeling well. I have spoken to amazing doctors from Toronto, New York, and Vancouver with this program. It allows me to access help from home or work, any day of the week. I have never had to wait more than 15 minutes for an appointment and have never left one without the prescription, answer, or advice I needed. Before this service, I would spend hours away from work at the walk-in clinic, which isn’t feasible for a jam-packed schedule like mine and many others.

In addition, EAP has allowed me to access a counselor when I needed mental health support. Navigating changes to our social and work lives these past couple years have been tough and, sometimes, expert advice is what’s needed to find our way through. The Arive program is the best EAP I have ever used, and I can’t say enough about how helpful it’s been to me through the pandemic.
Catalyst Health Medical Concierge


The folks at Catalyst value the continued health of your employees to ensure your ongoing business success with their Corporate Medical Concierge Service. We just launched this program and are delighted to have Catalyst on board as our members' partner for health, helping you live well by bringing the best in healthcare to your office.

So, what's a "Corporate Medical Concierge Service" you ask? It's a customized package built for your employees that provides healthcare services on a continual basis, including:
  • Blood Collection
  • Urinalysis Sample
  • Immunization Administration
  • Nursing Assessments and Treatments
  • Urine Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Health Care System Navigation
  • Prescriptions and Refills
  • Women’s Health
  • Medicals
  • Diagnostic Requisitions
  • Follow Up
  • Wellness Clinics and Education Sessions
  • And more!
Catalyst Health can fill the gap left for many by a lack of a family doctor, as their program offers your employees access to quick and caring health professionals, which will make all the difference to your team's wellbeing.

When my Telehealth doctor suggested some in-person testing and bloodwork, I simply didn’t have time and didn’t feel well enough to wait at a walk-in. So, I called Catalyst Health to book an appointment with one of their wonderful Nurse Practitioners. The process was easy and professional, and the nurse was able to do an assessment, write me a prescription, and order blood work all in one place. The Catalyst team also provided valuable health care system navigation advice to me – telling me where to go and who to call to get the care I need. All of this came at a very reasonable price and saved me countless hours and stress waiting at a walk-in clinic or struggling with fragmented care.
If you’re interested in more information about our Members Only Savings Programs, please browse our website, or reach out to our team at to connect to local representatives for quick and easy quotes.

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